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What We Offer?

What we offer ?

Considering morden era of renewable industry

Over the Year, we have gained long-term & loyal relationships with clients which gives us repeated growth in the industry again and again. Our company porfolio spans over belwo services :

What we offer?

Considering morden era of renewable industry, good quality service has a key role in building growth oriented organization. With globalization and advancements in technology, businesses now operate in highly competitive environments. Our services set our company apart from its competitors, attracting and retaining customers. In a crowded marketplace, providing a superior experience to our clients is a key differrntiator for us.

We understand our clients very well and deliver exactly what they need. Cost effectivenes is one of our core prepositions. By good quality services, we can reduce rework, repair, time, material and over all project cost.

GWO Training Modules

GWO is a non-profit body which was founded by wind turbine manufacturers and owners in order to set universal safety standards across the wind industry. GWO mandates below 5 Basic Safety Training modules for on-shore as well as off-shore wind turbine technicians. We are currently below training modules.
  • GWO BST Work at Height
  • GWO BST First Aid
  • GWO BST Fire Awareness
  • GWO BST Manual Handling
We provide comprehensive or non-comprehensive O&M services of wind power plants as well as separate technical services like WTG maintenance, cable laying/lifting work, blade servies, torquing, tower solutions, WTG spare supply or all kind of WTG related solutions.
We provide service engineer to operate and maintain solar power plant. It can be comprehensive or non-comprehensive O&M of solar power plant. Also, we provide supporting jobs like module cleaning, table tilting, grass cutting, manpower supply etc
We provide teams for WTG installation work which includes all project related activities like torqueing, cable termination, tower erection, electrical work, rotor assembly and material off-loading or inter-carting work.
We provide all kind of up-tower blade services to our clients like – Blade cleaning, blade repair, VG fixing and blade inspection. Power curve deviation, lightning damage, VG damages, bird hits, blade shears are common issues with wind turbine blades.
We supply all kind of spares related to WTG like electronic components, consumables, sensors, electrical spares, hydraulic parts, cables, sensors, switch gears or any other similar kind of material. "
We offer our client all services related to tower access externally. Aviation lamp replacement, Tower Corrosion treatment, Yaw bearing grease cleaning, Oil spillage cleaning, Paint touch up work, Modification of Client logos, Tower inspection, Air vent repair are our common activities of external tower access services. "
All O&M Supporting jobs

Backbone Skytech Private Limited

Our project porfolio spans across 1569.9 MW of renewable assets which we have served till date in O&M as well as Projects. 172.6MW of wind and solar assets are already under operation where we are providing O&M services. 82.5MW of WTGs a we have installed and comissioned and counting is still going on
82.5 MW +
WTG Project Completed
Blades - Performance Improved
WTG Technicians Trained
1569.9 MW +
Assets Served till date
Choosing green energy is one of the biggest things you can do to fight the climate crisis